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Dan Africk hiked the Pacific Crest Trail for Haiti


Dan Africk

Trail: Pacific Crest Trail     Goal: 2654 Miles
Dates: May 10 2010 - Oct 001 2010
I'll be thru-hiking the entire Pacific Crest Trail with a friend for fun, adventure, and just to do something very different for a while. I've had a lot of wilderness experience, but this will be my first long-distance thru-hike, walking all the way ... more
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Kleiwerks has been on the ground in Haiti since February 2010. Our primary goal is to improve long-term security on behalf of the Haitian people by offering training and technical support to individuals, organizations and communities that are ... more

Brief Update from Hiker Heaven

- Mile 454 - Jun 13th, 2010

I'm at Hiker Heaven, at the home turned informal hiker hostel of the increadibly generous Donna Saufley aka L-Rod. I got here yesterday and I'm enjoying being showered and wearing clean clothes and catching up on email and overindulging in high calory food. The last few days I've mostly been hiking a detour around the PCT, since a section of the PCT is closed due to a recent wildfire. Most of the detour involved road walking on a fairly desolate highway. It was very sunny with zero shade, but fortunately the wind was blowing strong and consistently all day and kept me cool. The road walking was a different experience and I welcomed the change, but I'm glad it's completed. The nice thing is that the even grade of the highway made it easy to get in a lot of mileage, the first day I woke up at 4 am, left camp by 6 and completed 25 miles by the end of the day.
I also wanted to post a link to the blog of a fellow hiker named Indie, formerly known as Jersey Fresh. The past week or so we have been camping close to each other and leapfrogging each other on the trail a lot, and often hikng and taking breaks in the same spots. Indie carries an iPhone and updates his blog almost daily, and since he's been hiking the same areas at the same time as me, I think you'll find his posts and his pictures interesting. His blog is located at www.jerseyfresh.net .
As a reminder, Mark continues to make blog entries around the same time as I send out emails, except his are generally more detailed and often include pictures. In between Mark's posts, his brother is guest authoring his blog and is posting some pretty good stuff, including an interactive google map showing our progress on the PCT, which is pretty cool. Once again, the link to Mark's blog is at http://marks-talesfromthetrails.blogspot.com .
That's all for now. We're taking a zero day here at hiker heaven, and we'l be headed out hopefully early tomorrow morning, headed toward's the Mohave Desert. Peace, Dan.


- Mile 454 - Jun 13th, 2010

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jeanne solomon
Good work!
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josh alpert
you're my favorite (& only) brother-in-law!
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Pircha Naomi Africk
We are so proud of you. This is shliach mitzvah $
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Michael Africk
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Magic Man
The people of Haiti need all the help they can get!
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Kimberly Brewster
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