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Tommy Stevens is preparing to hike the Collegiate Loop for WE


Tommy Stevens

Trail: Collegiate Loop     Goal: 165 Miles
Dates: Aug 11 2018 - Aug 24 2018
Veteran of both Gulf Wars, serving on active duty during the first with the United States Marine Corps, and with the Washington Army National Guard during the second. That is why I fully support Warrior Expeditions. Hiked from Campo to Sierra ... more
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In 1948, Earl Shaffer told a friend he was going to "walk off the war" to work out the sights, sounds, and losses of World War II. Four months later, Earl Shaffer became the first person to hike the entire length of the Appalachian Trail from ... more
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Planning Stage

Auke Bay, Alaska - Mile ??? - Jan 17th, 2018

This year's two week trip is the Collegiate Loop in Colorado. This route is split with the east part of the Loop being the Colorado Trail, and the west part of the loop being the Continental Divide Trail.
At first, I was concerned about carrying 14 days of food around the CL, but found that I could resupply at Monarch Pass. Now, it will be starting with 7 days of food, and picking up another 7 days half way through.
With food figured out, now I could focus on gear. And after much deliberation, finally came up with my gear list. For those interested, you can find my gear list here: https://lighterpack.com/r/eb6yj9
I look forward to sharing this hike with you, and would like to thank those that choose to sponsor this hike for Warrior Expeditions.


Auke Bay, Alaska - Mile ??? - Jan 17th, 2018

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