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George Frattarelli is hiking the Pacific Crest Trail for M22 and WWF

Po- Im gonna need a hat

George Frattarelli

Trail: Pacific Crest Trail     Goal: 500 Miles
Dates: Aug 10 2018 - Sep 009 2018
As a veteran with service connected disabilities I hit bottom after my dad died and from hiding from that along with the many falls, I learned to climb and fight a little harder. Turn my pain into their(M22 & WWF) gain. I hope others might ... more
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Military Cadence gets my feet moving

Southeast of Big Bear Lake - Mile 35 - Aug 13th, 2018

Oh, the desert makes it hard to move. The heat, the sand, and the lack of water were my bane the first 2 full days! My legs and back were protesting against my overburdened pack, but the views seem to lighten it if just for moments. Funny, the first day I had climbed 2 “mountains” and pitched my tent atop the later with a wonderful view, a beautiful sunrise. By Sunday afternoon, I realized those were mere hills as I climbed from 1,300 feet to 5,500 feet, and then today happened! I stopped counting mountains as I climbed, traversed, and scooted along 1,000 foot cliffs like a mountain goat on a 4 inch trail , that looked as if any moment it would disappear! I’m currently at 8,500 feet and my feet and legs hate me for today! Turn my pain into their gain; #Mission22 and WWF will gain donations with each mile I trek. I will post updates when I have service. I still haven’t seen another human being since Sunday. Thank you to all who have sponsored this agonizing miracle and please tell your friends, family, and social media! Spread the word! Keep on Keeping On!!! Po, out!

Po- Im gonna need a hat

Southeast of Big Bear Lake - Mile 35 - Aug 13th, 2018

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John Frattarelli
Good luck George.
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good luck! You got this, one step at a time.
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