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Stacy Polmateer hiked the Pacific Crest Trail for VH and PCTA

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Stacy Polmateer

Trail: Pacific Crest Trail     Goal: 2663 Miles
Dates: Apr 21 2016 - Oct 007 2016
Hi There! Thank you for checking out my hike page! It's been a dream to go on a long hike every since I was in Nepal in 2001, and this year I'm excited to make it a reality. I'll be hiking the Pacific Crest Trail beginning in April, and ... more
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Mountains, Marmots, Miles!

South Lake Tahoe - Mile 1092 - Jul 25th, 2016

South Lake Tahoe! Mile 1092!
Through the Sierras we've been! Up and over mountains and mountain passes, strolled through dreamy alpine meadows and mosquito swatted our way quickly over streams, brooks, creeks, rivers and glacial lakes! Sadly, my computer time is quite limited, so I'm hoping the pictures here can paint a better picture of this crazy adventure up till now! I'm continuing from here with the amazing Mighty Mouse, and the awesome Brad will pick up with us again around Sierra City, in about 5 days. We've had a great rest here in Tahoe, but now the big miles and work begins! We are in a race for Canada. We are all keeping our fingers crossed we can walk fast enough before the snow arrives in Washington. Right now, our projected date to arrive in Manning Park (the Northern Terminus) is October 11th. Big hopes for a late winter!
The Sierras were a paradise I don't have a colourful enough vocabulary to describe! Was jaw-dropping gobsmacked daily by it's beauty, and absolutely tickled by the adorable marmots!
The days felt long and tough. I am definitely feeling the stress of the terrain on my body and often dream of just not moving for a day or two, but continue we do!
I so wish to write more and take you along on this awesome, crazy, exhausting, painful, expanding journey, but it's now 8pm, and we are heading back to the trail first thing tomorrow morning. Please see pics attached....I hope they tell at least part of the story I wish I had time to write here.
Love and hugs,
Stacy (Share Bear)

Share Bear

South Lake Tahoe - Mile 1092 - Jul 25th, 2016

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Hey, Stacy - just to encourage you, I've made a part payment of my pledge on your behalf. You seem to be doing great, and though I hear that you are feeling the stress, we both know that you will push through it, and soon it will be October and your life will have changed forever. Do you have any idea how many folks are rooting for you, holding you in their hearts, and willing you onwards?
Enjoy each moment!

malcolm pearson

Jul 26 2016 7:34PM

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Scott Stimpson
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Paul Mitchell
Very proud of you, sweetie!
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Brian Dublin
With you every step of the way!
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Berniece Delbrouck-Burton
Stay strong. Enjoy!!
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Bernice Carter
You Go Girl!
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Phil Martello
Happy trails. Hope we get to catch up in WA.
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Debbie Lovell
Debster with Goats on Her Back, thinking of you all the way!
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Vinyl Envy
Best of luck Stacy, I look forward to hearing all about it.
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Proud to support you - a small return for your encouragement
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You are a courageous young lady with a big heart.
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