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Stacy Polmateer hiked the Pacific Crest Trail for VH and PCTA

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Stacy Polmateer

Trail: Pacific Crest Trail     Goal: 2663 Miles
Dates: Apr 21 2016 - Oct 007 2016
Hi There! Thank you for checking out my hike page! It's been a dream to go on a long hike every since I was in Nepal in 2001, and this year I'm excited to make it a reality. I'll be hiking the Pacific Crest Trail beginning in April, and ... more
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PC-T minus 5 Days!

Victoria, BC - Mile 0 - Apr 15th, 2016

Hi loved ones!
My first journal entry....truth is, it's been a long time since I wrote anything other than patient notes, but now that I'm on a leave from work and about to embark on a, likely, life changing adventure, I write about me. Please follow along and join me from the border of Mexico (Campo) to the border of Canada (Manning Park).
After a wee case of the pneumonia and subsequent 2 week delay, we are now 5 days away from stepping foot on the Southern Terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail. Paul will also be starting at Campo and walking for a couple hundred miles before heading back home for the summer. I know I've mentioned it before, but words cannot express how grateful I am to him for doing this with me and supporting me through it all.
So, with a ton of packing and final wrapping up left to do, I'll take my leave....current task is getting my pack's base weight down from 21lbs to 17lbs. I think I can, I think I can! I will likely elaborate more on gear as the days progress.
Please watch this page for updates and pictures from the trail.
Walking in love,

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Victoria, BC - Mile 0 - Apr 15th, 2016

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Hey, Stacy - just to encourage you, I've made a part payment of my pledge on your behalf. You seem to be doing great, and though I hear that you are feeling the stress, we both know that you will push through it, and soon it will be October and your life will have changed forever. Do you have any idea how many folks are rooting for you, holding you in their hearts, and willing you onwards?
Enjoy each moment!

malcolm pearson

Jul 26 2016 7:34PM

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Scott Stimpson
$0.02 per mile
up to $50.00

$50.00 due

Paul Mitchell
Very proud of you, sweetie!
$0.10 per mile
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$265.00 paid!

Brian Dublin
With you every step of the way!
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Berniece Delbrouck-Burton
Stay strong. Enjoy!!
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$75.00 paid!

Bernice Carter
You Go Girl!
$0.01 per mile
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$100.00 paid!

Phil Martello
Happy trails. Hope we get to catch up in WA.
$0.05 per mile
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$125.00 due

Debbie Lovell
Debster with Goats on Her Back, thinking of you all the way!
$0.07 per mile
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$175.00 due

Vinyl Envy
Best of luck Stacy, I look forward to hearing all about it.
$0.01 per mile
up to $26.63

$25.00 due

Proud to support you - a small return for your encouragement
$0.05 per mile
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$185.00 paid!

You are a courageous young lady with a big heart.
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$125.00 paid!