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Utah Dine Bikeyah

Utah Dine Bikeyah - 501(c)3

Hikers: 1  

Sponsors: 13  

Pledged: $1248.00  

Hiked: $0.00  

Donated: $0.00

Utah Dine Bikeyah's mission is to: "Preserve and protect the cultural and natural resources of ancestral Native American lands to benefit and bring healing to people and the Earth." visit site

2018 hikers for UDB

Hummingbird Sage

Carly Melchers

Hiking 800 miles for UDB
on the AZT Arizona Trail
Pre-hike 13 sponsors
$1.56 per mile
up to $1248.00
0 miles hiked
$0.00 hiked
$0.00 donated