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USASOC Soldier, Family & Command Support Assoc.

USASOC Soldier, Family & Command Support Assoc. - 501(c)3

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To provide support to Soldiers, Families and Civilians assigned, attached, and under the current or past purview of the United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC). Support is defined , but not limited to: financial assistance to Soldiers, Families and Civilians of USASOC during time of hardship; travel assistance for family members who otherwise would be unable to afford to attend unit activities or ceremonies whose purpose is to recognize service within USASOC; provide support to Family Readiness Groups for exclusively public purposes; fund the construction or upkeep of memorials or monuments that commemorate USASOC personnel; and provide tokens of appreciation for presentation on behalf of the USASOC Commander to distinguished persons who significantly assisted the command's Soldiers or furthered the professional development and education of the members of the command. visit site

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