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Extra Life

Extra Life - 501(c)3

Hikers: 2  

Sponsors: 15  

Pledged: $3080.00  

Hiked: $541.20  

Donated: $482.30

Extra Life is a grassroots experience that mobilizes passionate gamers of all types to help Children's Miracle Network Hospitals treat sick and injured kids in their communities. Extra Lifers raise money year-round, culminating in a massive international day of play each fall and ultimately celebrating one grand total together. Extra Lifers typically participate from the comfort of their own home and have raised more than $14 million dollars since the program was founded by gamers in 2008. visit site

2020 hikers for XLIFE

Skyline Extra Life hike at Old Rag

Mike Arnold

Hiking 10 miles for XLIFE
on the Old Rag Mountain
Pre-hike 0 sponsors
$0.00 per mile
up to $0.00
0 miles hiked
$0.00 hiked
$0.00 donated
2016 hikers for XLIFE


Jamison McLean

Hiking 1100 miles for XLIFE
on the Appalachian Trail
Done hiking 15 sponsors
$2.20 per mile
up to $3080.00
246 miles hiked
$541.20 hiked
$482.30 donated