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Dan Africk hiked the Pacific Crest Trail for Haiti


Dan Africk

Trail: Pacific Crest Trail     Goal: 2654 Miles
Dates: May 10 2010 - Oct 001 2010
I'll be thru-hiking the entire Pacific Crest Trail with a friend for fun, adventure, and just to do something very different for a while. I've had a lot of wilderness experience, but this will be my first long-distance thru-hike, walking all the way ... more
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Kleiwerks has been on the ground in Haiti since February 2010. Our primary goal is to improve long-term security on behalf of the Haitian people by offering training and technical support to individuals, organizations and communities that are ... more
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Hiker Haven, almost to Canada

- Mile 2476 - Oct 6th, 2010

Almost to Canada! I know I haven't posted an update in ages, I just haven't had time or internet access. I won't even try to summarize what an amazing journey it's been, at least not until I reach Canada and have some time to reflect, but it's been a wonderful adventure.
The last few weeks I've had some especially epic days and nights, such as battling hurricane-force winds while crossing a steep mountain ridge called the knife's edge, and pulling a non- stop 45 mile day in about 25 sleepless hours.
After hauling ass for so long, I'm finally relaxing at Hiker Haven near Skykomish, WA, about a week from the Canadian border. I've been hiking with some other great hikers, and I've met up with some new and old hikers here at Hiker Haven. I'll be taking it a little easier for the rest of the trip, probably only doing 25 miles or less a day.
Us hikers in the rear have been hearing warnings from naysayers who have told us that horrible weather will keep us from making it to Canada, and we've heard these stories of doom and gloom almost since the beginning of the trip. We've made it this far, and weather has been beautiful the last few days, and is projected to be good for the next week or so as well, so I'm not worried.
I have one more resupply stop, in Stehekin, and then on to Manning Park, near Vancouver, Canada.


- Mile 2476 - Oct 6th, 2010

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jeanne solomon
Good work!
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$53.08 due

josh alpert
you're my favorite (& only) brother-in-law!
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$25.00 paid!

Pircha Naomi Africk
We are so proud of you. This is shliach mitzvah $
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Michael Africk
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Henry Africk
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Magic Man
The people of Haiti need all the help they can get!
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Kimberly Brewster
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david africk
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Paul Mitchell
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