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Jason Ellenberger is preparing to hike the Foothills Trail for AKF and DLIFE

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Jason Ellenberger

Trail: Foothills Trail     Goal: 76 Miles
Dates: Apr 12 2019 - Apr 21 2019
It is with utmost gratefulness that I am able to hike for the American Kidney Fund and Donate Life America. My journey began in 1975 (at the age of 2yrs) when I was diagnosed with diabetes. This disease eventually took its toll on my body and by the ... more
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Training Hike 3 - SB6K

Roan Mountains - Mile 0 - Jun 23rd, 2018

There are a total of 40 peaks over 6000ft to accomplish the Carolina Mountain Club "South Beyond 6000" challenge. The goal of this hike was for me to hit 3 of them. Roan High Knob, Roan High Bluff and Grassy Ridge Knob.
Scott and I pulled into Carvers Gap Friday afternoon around 6pm. The parking lot was packed with people heading to the balds to see the sunset. Lucky for us we were headed the other direction towards Roan High Knob Shelter. The shelter is 1.5 miles straight up the switchbacks from the parking lot. Which happens to be the location of Roan High Knob.
We hung our hammocks opposite side of the wind. There are strong wind gusts up there and we needed all the help we could get. According to the weather report the lows were to be in the upper 60s to low 70s. It was actually 55 degrees both nights. Needless to say I layered every piece of clothing I had included my rain jacket and rain skirt.
Saturday we hiked back down to the parking lot to the Roan Highlands. The trek took us over Round Bald, Jane Bald and finally Grassy Ridge Bald which is the second peak over 6000ft. The total hike there and back 8 miles. I continued on to the Roan High Bluff. Round trip 3.8 miles.
We met a few AT section hikers both Friday and Saturday night. Most stayed at or near the shelter. It rained on and off all weekend so it was a good test for wet/cool temperatures.Total mileage for the weekend was 14.6.
Lesson learned this trip.......always be prepared for odd weather when hiking in the mountains. I should have had my top quilt with me.

Bear Bait

Roan Mountains - Mile 0 - Jun 23rd, 2018

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