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Access to Success

Access to Success - 501(c)3

Hikers: 1  

Sponsors: 20  

Pledged: $3199.13  

Hiked: $1732.28  

Donated: $334.80

The vision of A2S is that each child/person in Nigeria finds a dignified path to a successful life and is empowered to live out God's plan for a future filled with hope. Essential to communities being lifted out of poverty are holistic programs that address not just the physical needs of currently struggling communities but their spiritual and psychological needs. A2S envisions communities in which individuals can be productive members of society, living with mutual respect and love for one another. visit site

2018 hikers for A2S


Timothy Offner

Hiking 230 miles for A2S
on the Appalachian Trail


20 sponsors
$13.97 per mile
up to $3199.13
124 miles hiked
$1732.28 hiked
$334.80 donated