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Mayfield Education & Research Foundation

Mayfield Education & Research Foundation - 501(c)3

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ince 1978, the Mayfield Education & Research Foundation has supported groundbreaking advancements in the neurosciences, a field that exists largely on the outermost boundaries of knowledge. Neuroscientists have made great advancements in the last century, but there is still much we do not know. These uncharted territories offer limitless opportunities to save lives or vastly improve the quality of life for those suffering from some of humanity's most painful, chronic, and unpredictable diseases and disorders.Patients with neurological diseases and disorders are often stricken forcefully and without warning, or are suffering for long periods of time with mysterious symptoms, not knowing where to turn for help. The Mayfield Education & Research Foundation funds the leading-edge research that is in search of answers, alongside efforts to translate that knowledge into effective treatments, useful information, and hope. visit site

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