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Red Rocks Community College

Red Rocks Community College - 501(c)3

Hikers: 1  

Sponsors: 9  

Pledged: $2096.64  

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Donated: $0.00

The Red Rocks Community College Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization devoted to supporting Red Rocks Community College in its commitment to students, learning, and excellence. Since 1993, the Foundation Scholarship Program has aided over 3,000 students realize their dreams of going to college. The RRCC Foundation offers a wide variety of scholarships based on both need and merit. visit site

2016 hikers for RRCC

Fast Eddie

Ed Larkin

Hiking 2184 miles for MERF and RRCC
on the Appalachian Trail
Hiking 9 sponsors
$1.92 per mile
up to $4193.28
170 miles hiked
$326.40 hiked
$0.00 donated