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Pacific Crest Trail Association

Pacific Crest Trail Association - 501(c)3

Hikers: 16  

Sponsors: 46  

Pledged: $1898.85  

Hiked: $1582.48  

Donated: $1124.06

The Pacific Crest Trail Association is a fraternity of trail lovers at its core. From across the country and the world, our members travel to the mountain ranges of the American West to beat back brush and restore this trail. From shore to shore, we champion the needs of the Pacific Crest Trail. We are an eclectic band of trail junkies, for sure. But we are so much more. We are dedicated to the notion that our hard work to protect, preserve and promote this National Scenic Trail is a precious gift to future generations. We are the Pacific Crest Trail. visit site

2017 hikers for PCTA


Michael Tobias

Hiking 2650 miles for WWP and PCTA
on the Pacific Crest Trail
Done hiking 13 sponsors
$0.63 per mile
up to $1664.67
1651 miles hiked
$1040.13 hiked
$657.49 donated

Captain Planet

Katie Rapp

Hiking 2650 miles for EJ and PCTA
on the Pacific Crest Trail
Hiking 0 sponsors
$0.00 per mile
up to $0.00
266 miles hiked
$0.00 hiked
$0.00 donated

J's Bored

Jeremy Hernandez

Hiking 2650 miles for NRDC and PCTA
on the Pacific Crest Trail
Pre-hike 0 sponsors
$0.00 per mile
up to $0.00
0 miles hiked
$0.00 hiked
$0.00 donated